CPD Events

The NCCE delivers a range of computing CPD to cater to the needs of all teachers involved in computing from primary teachers all the way through to those that teach A-level Computer Science. From those who ae at the beginning of their teaching career all the way through to experienced leaders of computing there is something to suit the needs of everyone.

The CPD events from the NCCE are provided in three different ways:

Live, face-to-face – You’ll travel to a location and receive CPD in the room with an experienced Professional Development Leader. Resources will be distributed digitally and where appropriate, in a physical format. Refreshments will be provided.

Live, remote – You’ll take part from a computer with an internet connection either through Teams, Zoom or Adobe Connect. You’ll have access to digital resources and will be able to chat with the experienced Professional Development Leader throughout the live sessions covered in the event. There may be additional tasks to do between sessions. You’ll be given time for these.

Online – This type of CPD is available at any time and you will need to watch pre-recorded videos and complete tasks and questions as appropriate to the CPD event.

All CPD (Face-to-face, Live/remote, Online) – https://teachcomputing.org/courses

Local, Face-to-face CPD - https://teachcomputing.org/courses/hubs/1ad8ca0d-2992-eb11-b1ac-000d3a86e2cc