At Carmel College, our PSHE curriculum is a journey of learning, meticulously designed to prepare our students for a life of fulfilment beyond the college walls and to equip them for the multitude of challenges life presents. This curriculum, deeply embedded in the ethos of our college, spells out CARMEL – a symbolic representation of the comprehensive growth and development we aspire for each of our students.

Drawing on the skills developed across the curriculum and those needed for wider life, our PSHE curriculum is not just a series of lessons but a life-long learning experience. In history, we delve into the past to understand the present and prepare for the future, while in mathematics, we foster problem-solving skills and logical thinking. Similarly, our PSHE curriculum is crafted to instil resilience, nurture aspirations, and cultivate healthy relationships, setting our students on the path to a rewarding life.

Each 50-minute module lesson incorporates literacy, student engagement, activities, reflection, and next steps. A variety of teaching strategies are used to explore the PSHE themes in an age-appropriate yet thought-provoking way. An additional 15 minutes of reading time is built into each lesson.

Woven throughout the curriculum are the school's eight virtues - Confidence, Resilience, Compassion, Justice, Honesty, Self-Belief, Responsibility and Respect. These support the social, moral, and spiritual development of students. British Values are also integrated to encourage social responsibility and challenge injustice. Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) is underpinned by the Ten: Ten Life to the Full programme. This reinforces Catholic Social Teaching on human dignity and provides a coherent RSE curriculum integrated into all modules. RSE aims to nurture self-worth by exploring what makes us unique and loved.

The Carmel PSHE program provides a unified approach to personal development, drawing together the school's virtues, British Values, protected characteristics and RSE curriculum. All elements are designed to reinforce one another, creating a cohesive framework tailored to the local context while addressing national requirements. This holistic approach aims to provide students with essential knowledge, personal insights, and practical strategies necessary for leading healthy, safe, fulfilling, responsible, and balanced lives.

The curriculum is structured into six bespoke modules, each of which is planned, created and delivered by our Pastoral Teams. This ensures that each module, alongside delivering the statutory requirements, is context specific to our students.

Confidence for Life: Focusing on developing resilience and a strong sense of self, this module guides students through the complexities of social environments, digital responsibility, and personal identity.

Aspirations for Life: Here, students explore their dreams and the consequences of decisions, linking choices to future achievements and emphasizing employability skills and responsible online behaviour.

Relationships for Life: This critical module equips students to navigate diverse relationships with an emphasis on healthy dynamics, consent, inclusivity, and respect.

My Body for Life: Concentrating on mental and physical well-being, this segment educates on stress management, substance impact, and balanced lifestyle choices.

Evolving for Life: Addressing personal development, this module tackles puberty, self-identity, and the complexities of relationships and societal changes.

Life to the Full: A celebratory module that prepares students for transitions, embracing diversity, and nurturing well-being, steering them toward a deeper understanding of themselves and the world.

Our PSHE curriculum at Carmel College is not just an academic requirement; it's a commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals ready to face the world with confidence, empathy, and a clear sense of purpose. Join us in this transformative journey as we guide our students towards a life truly lived to the full.

PSHE Curriculum

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