The social sciences department aims to stimulate students’ inquisitiveness in society and the way people behave and influence the world. We believe that powerful knowledge and understanding of social sciences is fundamental to a healthy modern society. As a department we wish for each student to explore not only the world, but their place in it. The curriculum we provide will help our students to explain how our society works on an individual level as well as a group level. They will learn to realise the changes needed to tackle important issues such as fair access to education, recidivism, provision of health and social care and mental health. We aim to prepare our students for a career in a variety of fields as in any job, social intelligence, a broad overview of the world, and cultural understanding will be highly valued. We hope students look at society differently and from multiple perspectives after studying with us. 

The social sciences department is committed to providing an inclusive, enjoyable learning environment. We strive to develop the key skills of independent thought, critical analysis, communication, and research along with fostering the student’s curiosity, empathy, and personal achievement within and beyond the classroom setting. 

The department offers psychology and sociology at KS5. The students will develop detailed knowledge of key theories, perspectives, and research. They will critically evaluate theory and evidence and partake in designing and conducting their own research, thus thinking and working as a scientist. 


Social Sciences Curriculum

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