Computing Hub Services and Resources

The National Centre for Computing Education provides a full computing curriculum that covers all key stages up to GCSE. The curriculum is resourced with presentations, worksheets and uses free-to-use digital resources and websites wherever possible.

Programming support

The CPD available from the National Centre for Computing Education includes several opportunities to develop programming. These are the courses that are available either face-to-face, or via live remote sessions. Python is the chosen target language for many reasons, though the structures learned about can be applied to other languages too.

  • An Introduction to algorithms, programming and data in computer science
  • Foundation knowledge of computer science for KS3 and GCSE
  • Python programming constructs: sequencing, selection & iteration (also available specifically for AQA, OCR and Pearson specifications)
  • Python programming: advanced subject knowledge, implementation and testing
  • Python programming: analysis, design and evaluation
  • Python programming: working with data

I Belong

To rebalance the current gaps in computing education and industry, the I Belong programme aims to encourage more girls into computer Science. Find out more information here:

School-to-School support including Computing Coaching

As your local NCCE Computing Hub we are in a good position to either support you in your journey to computing excellence, or we can point you in the right direction. There are a wealth of resources, events and opportunities that can be discovered and used effectively to introduce and develop computing in your school. You can contact us directly, and more information is available on the following link.

Computing Quality Framework - Link Here

  • The Computing Quality Framework is a self-assessment support tool that allows all schools from primary through secondary to FE to be able to judge how well they are doing with their computing provision and make action plans to make progress toward the 'Computing Quality Mark'.

Preparation for teaching GCSE Computer Science

  • Some schools do not yet teach the GCSE in Computer Science. For these schools, there are opportunities to allow staff development and development of a curriculum so that students are in the best position to opt for GCSE Computer Science. Subsidies are available for schools that commit to timetabling GCSE Computer Science in the following academic year. The subsidies are available for funding teacher release, text books and even publicity for options evenings.

Isaac Computer Science for GCSE and A-Level Computer Science - Link Here

The ISAAC computer Science platform is the ideal companion to the taught lessons within both GCSE and A-Level computer science. The expertly written text is informative, with excellent explantions, while the questions posed are crafted to lead the students to the answer without giving the game away too easily.

Student Events

  • Coming soon - These student events are aimed at getting the best out of all students, enabling them to achieve their full potential. Generally based on the ISAAC Computer Science platform, though also on specific areas of the curriculum as appropriate.

Computing as a second subject for non-specialist teachers.

  • The Computer Science Accelerator (CSA) programme is the ideal platform for any aspiring teacher of computing to go through. There are many occasions where schools have no option but to timetable non-specialist teachers in computing classes. This series of CPD events is ideas to allow teachers to upskill in their computing subject knowledge so that they are ready to teach computing up to GCSE level.