We shall endeavour to be a community which witnesses to the Gospel and the values contained therein.

We shall endeavour to be a worshipping community and celebrate this in daily prayer and liturgy.

Our community must be characterised by supportiveness, a welcoming approach and a caring ethos with justice given to all within it.

We shall strive to provide opportunities and an inclusive environment in which all students develop according to their full potential.

We must seek to ensure that all members of our community experience and find hope, joy and fulfilment and a sense of their own worth and that of others, by participating as fully as possible in College life.

We shall strive to maintain fruitful links with parents, parishes, primary feeder schools and the local community, in recognition that the College is dependent on the interaction and support of many agencies, to achieve the aims embodied in this Mission Statement.

We shall regularly evaluate our organisational and management structures, to ensure that they reflect the spirit of this Mission Statement, especially through the effectiveness of the College’s communication systems.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Proverbs Ch 29 v 18