Mr Mike Shorten CEO
Mrs Yvonne Coates Chair of Directors
Mr Kieran Sharp (Chair) Foundation Governor
Fr Greg Price Foundation Governor
Mr Keld O’Shea Foundation Governor
Mrs Siobhan McEvoy Foundation Governor
Mrs Claire Pullen Foundation Governor
Ms Katie Whitehead Foundation Governor
vacancies available Foundation Governor
vacancies available Foundation Governor
Mrs M Kane Principal
Mrs Lisa Thom Community Governor
Mr Daniel Grieve Staff Governor
Mr David Laycock Parent Governor 
Mr Steve Petch Clerk

Any correspondence for the above Officers, should be addressed: c/o Carmel College, A Catholic Academy, The Headlands, Darlington DL3 8RW

Correspondence for the Chair of the Local Management Board should be sent to: Mr Kieran Sharp, Carmel College, The Headlands, Darlington,
Co Durham, DL3 8RW

For details of how to become a Governor please click here

A Competency Framework for Governance

To view Our Articles of Association, Memorandum of Association, Master Funding Agreement, Gender Pay Gap Report and Executive Pay Report, please visit here

Thinking of becoming a Governor? Then visit Inspiring Governance, the national online matchmaking service which connects skilled volunteers interested in serving as governors and trustees with schools and colleges

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