Computing is part of everything we do! It touches just about every part of our lives from the movies that we watch, to the smartphones that we communicate through. Studying computing allows us to tackle challenging problems that require imagination, creativity and perseverance. Once you have solved one problem you can show that you can go on to make a positive contribution to the world. Computing jobs are required in all areas of industry and business from scientists studying space, to animators creating the next visual effect masterpiece. (Some of these jobs are very well paid too!)

If you decide that a career in computing isn’t quite for you, you will still find that either you are going to be using a computer, or working with people that do; the teamwork required in large projects will necessarily involve the use of computers in some way, shape or form. Your computing education will be put to use in one way or another.

“Programming is something which I enjoy doing and it will help keep my options open in the future!”

Computing Curriculum

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