At Carmel College we strive to have the highest expectations in all that we do, not only preserving our reputation for excellence but also continuously seeking ways to strengthen it. Our community is centred by our mission in education “as a work of love”, this brings a common purpose for our teachers who understand the importance they play in shaping the futures and personal formation of our young people.

Student teacher relationships are at the centre of our intent as we strive to “catch them being good”, noticing and celebrating their unique attributes. We recognise and nuture the character virtues that young people need to contribute to an ever-changing world. In doing so, our aim is give our young people the opportunity to “live life to the full”and participate in a wealth of enrichment opportunities where they can develop their talents, gain a sense of fulfilment and enjoyment alongside academic success.

From whatever their starting points, our young people achieve outstanding outcomes that help them to stand out in their next steps. We are a fully inclusive community where everyone is valued and respected and all are able to grow and strive to “act justly, love tenderly and walk humbly…” (Micah 6) in pursuit of the common good. Our increasingly diverse community is a strength of our college. We value the contribution and feedback that our parents and community can bring to the success of college and continuously seek to use this to inform our actions. When you visit our college and meet our young people and staff, we hope that you gain a sense of what makes Carmel such a great community.