Preparing for Success

 At Carmel College, we understand the value of thorough preparation. That's why our approach to assessments, both internal and external, is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel.

Internal Assessments: A Gauge of Progress

Internal assessments are a fundamental part of the academic journey at Carmel College. They are meticulously crafted to test students on their current and prior knowledge, providing a clear indicator of their overall progress within a subject. These assessments highlight a student’s strengths as well as areas requiring further development.

Throughout the academic year, three formal assessments are conducted, and the results of these are communicated to parents and carers. This regular reporting is part of our commitment to maintaining transparency and fostering a collaborative approach to education.

In addition to these formal assessments, daily, weekly, and monthly reviews are integral to our teaching methodology. These regular reviews help solidify the connection between subject material studied, enhancing retention and understanding.

External Assessments: Showcasing Knowledge and Skills

External assessments typically occur in January, May, and June. For students engaged in coursework-based subjects, interim assessments are scheduled to ensure timely completion of relevant components. These assessments are not only a test of knowledge but also an opportunity for students to demonstrate their critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management skills.

Support and Communication

We encourage open lines of communication regarding examinations. Should you have any queries about exam entries for external examinations, please reach out to our Exam Officer at

Furthermore, if there is a need for a review of marking for any external examination results, we request that you use the same email address. Our examination team is here to support and guide you through the process, ensuring clarity and peace of mind.

At Carmel College, we are dedicated to preparing our students for success. By fostering robust exam preparation habits and offering consistent support, we aim to ensure that our students are well-equipped to meet the challenges of examinations and to embrace the opportunities that come with them.


Young Minds advice:

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Examination Documentation

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Exam Guidance

  • All students sitting an exam must be on the tennis courts at 8:50 am and 12:50 pm.  This includes students who are completing exams in other rooms.
  • Students who have a PM exam can leave lesson 3 at 12:15 pm in order to get lunch.  Students who do not have PM exam to stay in lesson until 12:30 pm.
  • No hoodies can be worn for exams, ALL students must have full uniform, including school tie and blazer.  If students want to bring their hoodie they can wear it after exams.
  • Phones are not allowed in the exam hall – NO excuses.
  • Pens that ‘Click’ are not allowed.  All students must have black pens.  Clear pencil cases only.  Students must ensure they have correct equipment for Maths, science, technology etc.
  • Water bottles are allowed – labels must be removed.
  • Smart watches will result in automatic disqualification.  All students will have to remove watches at beginning of exams.  Be easier if students leave watches at home.
  • Highlighters can be used only to highlight key words in questions.  They cannot be used on the answer booklet.
  • No tippex or erasable ink.
  • All students must remain in exam hall (or other classroom) until the full allocation of time has passed.  Students are not allowed to leave the exam if they are finished.
  • Once exams have finished, students must remain in silence as papers are collected.  They must wait to be dismissed and leave the sports hall (or other rooms) in silence.