Vocational qualifications have a high status within the curriculum. They focus on skills and aptitudes that appeal to the learning needs of many students. They are skills that are needed for working life. The team delivers BTEC Firsts and GCSEs at KS4. At Post-16 we deliver a similar range of vocational qualifications including BTEC Nationals and GCE’s.

The aim of the vocational curriculum at Carmel is to provide a broad vocational education as a foundation both for training, leading to employment and for further and higher education. This is achieved by ensuring that candidates develop the general skills, knowledge and understanding that underpin Business, Child Development, Public Services and Health-related occupations. There is an emphasis on creating useful links with local industry and business to enhance students’ learning opportunities. It is recognised that vocational qualifications are not an “easy option” but an alternative one that meets the needs of many of our students.

Vocational Curriculum

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