Student Council: Empowering Voices, Building Community

At Carmel College, we believe in nurturing responsible, respectful, and active citizens who actively contribute to the growth of our College and the broader community. Our Student Council comprises three vital groups—Stewardship, Inclusion, and Student Voice—each rooted in the principles of Catholic Social Teaching: participation, human dignity, and stewardship.

Stewardship Group: Caring for Our Common Home

Our Stewardship Group, led by Sixth Form leaders in collaboration with members of the Senior Leadership Team, focuses on cultivating a sustainable and responsible community. Embracing the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, this group reflects on initiatives related to recycling, reducing our carbon footprint, and fostering an eco-friendly environment at Carmel.

Inclusion Group: Celebrating Diversity

The Inclusion Group, guided by Sixth Form leaders and SLT members, is dedicated to celebrating and promoting diversity within our community. Embracing the rich tapestry of backgrounds and cultures, this group actively works towards creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students.

Student Voice Group: Your Ideas, Your College

Our Student Voice Group is the heartbeat of our operational and day-to-day college life. Sixth Form leaders collaborate with SLT members to ensure that every student's voice is heard. From discussing homework policies to facilities and food services, this group provides a platform for students to share ideas and concerns.


Transparency and Feedback: 'You Said, We Did'

The minutes of our Student Council meetings are shared with the entire community through monthly 'You Said, We Did' video feedback sessions during form time. Additionally, detailed minutes are prominently displayed on the Student Council notice board in the atrium. This commitment to transparency ensures that every student is informed about the ongoing discussions and decisions that shape our college experience.

Monthly Meetings

 Your Platform to be Heard Our Student Council groups meet once a month, bringing together students from all year groups. These meetings serve as a forum to discuss various aspects of college life, providing an avenue for every student to voice their opinions, share innovative ideas, and actively contribute to the continuous improvement of the Carmel community.