‘Catching them being good’ 

Praise is a much more powerful tool than sanctions and is much more in keeping with the ethos of the College. Therefore, frequent use of encouraging language and gestures, both in lessons and around the College is encouraged so that positive behaviour is recognised and positively rewarded.  


Rewards for good behaviour will include, but are not limited:  

  • Use of ClassCharts in recognition of the virtues  

  • Congratulatory post cards home  

  • Personalised letters to parents  

  • Celebration Assemblies 

  • House Awards 

  • End of Year Mass trophies and awards  


At Key Stage 3 and 4 ClassCharts is used frequently as a tool to promote and recognise positive learning behaviours and celebrate successes. Points are awarded in line with the College Virtues. The Application is also used to record negative sanctions and homework activities.

The system has both student and parent applications which can be downloaded here using student and parent codes which are distributed to students in College. Should you require a new code please contact your child’s PLM or APLM and this can be arranged for you.  

Once downloaded, parents and carers can receive up to date notifications about their child’s behaviour and homework. Students and parents can also avail of the option to purchase rewards which can be claimed from the Learning Resource Centre during break and lunchtime in College. 



In addition to buying rewards, students are routinely recognised for their achievements ClassCharts by their Pastoral Learning Managers. Recognition can include recognition certificates, Early Lunch Passes and even social media celebration posts. 

The use of The ClassCharts App is a vital component in supporting your child during their time at Carmel College.  Aside from sharing positive and negative behaviour incidents with you, your child’s teachers will also set homework using the app, making it easier for parents and carers to understand what independent work is expected from week to week. The App also tracks whether work has been completed which again empowers parents and carers to identify where they can support their child. In addition, each child’s timetable is visible via the parent and pupil app which supports organisation and preparation for learning in general.