Our uniform is much more than just clothes—it is a tangible symbol of the unity and equality we value as a college community.

Our uniform policy plays a vital role in fostering an inclusive atmosphere of mutual care and respect among students, and it helps diminish outward signs of socioeconomic differences so that students can focus on learning. By having all students wear the same uniform, we aim to cultivate a shared identity grounded in our college's core values of respect, responsibility, and confidence.

The uniform reinforces this identity daily, instilling a collective sense of belonging and pride in our students. When students put on their Carmel College uniforms, they are committing not only to their personal academic development but also to upholding the standards and virtues central to our college community.

Our uniform connects each student to one another and to the college's mission of educational equity and empowerment. Ultimately, it signifies their membership in a diverse, yet unified community centred on mutual care, growth, and respect for all people regardless of background or difference. It transforms students from individuals into valued members of the Carmel community.

Uniform Policy

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