At Carmel College, we are deeply committed to providing exceptional pastoral care, rooted in our ethos of nurturing every student as a unique individual created in the image of God. Our pastoral system is designed to offer comprehensive support, ensuring each student feels valued, understood, and empowered to achieve their full potential. We place a strong emphasis on the wellbeing of our students, understanding that mental and emotional health is as important as academic success. We believe in nurturing the whole student, providing a supportive and inclusive environment where every individual feels valued, understood, and cared for.

The pastoral organisation of the College is based on year groups. Year groups are divided into tutor groups, each led by a Tutor/Academic Mentor who is concerned for the welfare of all students in their group. Tutors work under the guidance of a Pastoral Learning Manager (PLM) who has overall responsibility for the academic, social and personal development of students within the year group. Our dedicated pastoral team are led by the Vice Principal for Pastoral Care Mrs Sarah Thornton and our Assistant Vice Principal with responsibility for behaviour, Mr Kevin McCann. Students are known by name and encourage to fully participate in college life with many opportunities to take on leadership roles, Form Liturgy Leaders, College Council Representative and Form Sports Captains.

Regular meetings are held between the Form Tutors, Pastoral Learning Managers and the Vice Principal of Pastoral Care. This ensures effective delivery of the pastoral care/guidance, spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils.

At Carmel College, our mission is deeply rooted in fostering a strong bond between the College and the parents/carers of our students. We understand the pivotal role this partnership plays in the holistic development of our students. Here are the ways you can stay connected and informed about your child's academic journey and pastoral care:

Contacting Pastoral Learning Managers (PLMs):

Email for Direct Communication: If you need to contact your child's Pastoral Learning Manager, please email us at

Timings for Email Contact: Our team is available to receive your emails from 8am to 5pm.

Responsive Approach: Upon receiving your email, it will be forwarded to the appropriate PLM who will then reach out to you.

Engaging with the College:

Scheduling Meetings with Pastoral Team: Parents/carers are always welcome to arrange meetings to discuss their child's academic progress and pastoral needs. You can do this either through our main office or by emailing

Academic Mentoring Days and Parents/Carers Evenings: These formal events are excellent opportunities for in-depth consultation with our teaching staff. They are scheduled during the autumn and spring terms, giving parents/carers and students across all years the chance to meet with year group tutors within regular working hours.

Special Evenings for Key Transition Points: For students transitioning through Year 9, 11, and 13, and moving into Key Stages 4 and 5, we hold dedicated evenings to guide and support these significant phases.

We strongly encourage and appreciate your active participation in these events and communications. By working together, we can ensure a supportive and enriching educational environment for our students.

Emmaus, our inclusion base is at the heart of our College and plays a key role in the support we offer creating a safe, inclusive environment for students. Emmaus is named after the Gospel account of the Road to Emmaus,

Emmaus has been designed to support students on their journey, staff walk with students and help to navigate with them the best path, this may be offering support during a period of illness or longer periods working alongside our SEND department and our Assistant Vice Principal for Learning Support Mrs Lin Julian. Our comprehensive wellbeing program includes a range of initiatives, like peer mentoring and resources designed to promote positive mental health, resilience, and overall emotional well-being. We are fortunate to have appointed a student well-being teacher, Miss Sarah Stollery who is an additional layer of support acting as a key worker for students including young carers.

From counselling services and mindfulness sessions to wellbeing workshops, we ensure that every student has access to the necessary tools and support through the challenges of student life. We encourage open dialogue about mental health and wellbeing, fostering a college wide culture where students feel comfortable seeking help and supporting each other.

Our commitment to wellbeing reflects our dedication to creating a holistic educational experience that fosters healthy, happy, and well-rounded individuals.


Resources to support emotional health and wellbeing

1. NHS – Health A-Z (Mental Health) whole range of audio guides and signposting to mental health helplines, support groups and expert advice. Also, ability to put local post code in and find out what resources re local to you. 2. Public Health England & NHS Every Mind Matters website: - generic health and wellbeing information linked to NHS

3. The Children’s Society – Take Time Out; Youth and wellbeing Directory and The Mix • Youth and well-being Directory • Take Time Out – •

4. Action for Children mental health resources and information – 5. Childline mental health support and guidance.

6. Health Education England (in association with Young Minds have agreed a number of accessible on line modules) MindEd Hub

This is mainly for adults/family/carers in support of children’s mental health – free and accessible with no login required.

7. Anna Freud – Schools in Mind and related resources for children and families

The Anna Freud Crisis Messenger text service is a free, confidential, 24/7 text message support service for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or is struggling to cope. The service is staffed by trained volunteers who will work with student to take their next steps towards feeling better.

8. Local Children & Adolescent Mental Health (CAMHS) services: • NHS local Access to Children & Young Peoples (services

• Alliance Psychological Services – Children &young people’s therapies and intervention

9. Samaritans - if you’re worried about your mental health during the coronavirus outbreak

10. Kooth free online counselling and emotional wellbeing platform for young people in Hartlepool, Stockton and Darlington aged 11-18 years. Kooth website allows young people to gain anonymous advice support and guidance with relationship issues, anxiety, stress and depression. (and as per previous information about their service, and free online webinars)

11. The National Sleep helpline- 03303 530 541