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Summer School 2021

During the 2021 Summer Holidays, Carmel College ran a Summer School for their new Year 7 Cohort from the 23rd -  27th August. The Summer School was fully funded by the Department for Education as part of their Learning Recovery Programme following the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Throughout the week over 170 students attended each day and enjoyed a range of exciting activities including Year 7 Curriculum Based Workshops, Sport, Fitness and Well-Being Workshops, Team Building and Confidence Workshops and Explore Your Talents Workshops. Transitional activities such as meeting class teachers and a tour of the school were also offered during the week.

The summer school itself was fully funded by the Department for Education which included all activities, breakfast, lunch, summer school goodie bag and all student support provision. A breakdown of how the funding was allocated is provided below.




Expenditure Amount (£)
Workshop Resources Costs £2,425.86
Student Goodie Bag Costs £4,079.75
Staffing Costs

(Teaching, Support and Catering)


Food Costs £4,234.00
Planning and Preparation £7,977.06
Utilities £1,434.99
Cleaning and Site Supervision £2,704.17
Additional Expenses £388.40
TOTAL £38,921.64