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Visitors From Guangzhou

Carmel College, A Catholic Academy hosts Chinese students from The Phoenix City International School, Guangzhou

Fourteen students and one teacher have spent two weeks at Carmel, hosted by Carmel students. This is the first ever visit from Carmel’s new partner school.Their stay has been a tremendous success, benefiting Carmel College, whose students have been treated to lessons in Tai Chi, calligraphy, Chinese painting and jiangzi (a form of keepy uppy with a special type of shuttlecock), as well as the Chinese students, who have not only visited Darlington, Durham, York and Whitby, but also experienced the delights of cooking chocolate crispies, woodwork and pig racing.

Their journey continues to London and Oxford and we look forward to hosting another group next year.

Carmel’s resident Chinese expert, Miss Chen, has been very busy all year developing awareness of Chinese culture and Mandarin at Carmel and in feeder primary school. With her help Carmel is hoping to organise a first visit to Guangzhou in 2012.