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What is a FWAS?

What is a FWAS?


In March 2021 the Department for Education (DfE) appointed 8 Flexible Working Ambassador Schools (FWAS) across England.

Each school should work with and on behalf of the DfE to:

  • improving the policies, practice and culture around flexible working by providing peer support for headteachers within local and other networks.
  • increasing the likelihood of flexible working requests being accepted by providing support networks, and guidance directly to teachers who want to access flexible working opportunities.
  • inviting school leaders and teachers to training and events to improve the perception of flexible working.
  • increasing the use of DfE’s support package by encouraging schools to use the materials alongside the support that flexible working ambassador schools offer.

Carmel College is delighted to have been chosen by the DfE to support schools and teachers in the North of England to benefit from more flexible approaches to staffing, particularly in terms of teacher retention and staff wellbeing. Carmel College is a member of the Bishop Hogarth Catholic Education Trust, a Trust of 30 schools, soon to become a Trust of 35 schools in May 2022, across primary and secondary in the North East of England.

As one of the eight nominated schools to be chosen, we will carry out the below roles and responsibilities:

  • raise awareness, act as influencers, attend and host peer-to-peer training events and work with local networks to champion flexible working.
  • provide practical support to other schools within the region through coaching and advising.
  • support participant schools and to address challenges relating to flexible working, to look at offering more flexible working opportunities and to embed a positive culture towards it.
  • provide one-to-one support with schools across their region and make positive relationships with other schools.

General information about flexible working in schools can be found here.
Information about the FWAS programme can be found on this DFE webpage.
In 2020, the DFE published a report about flexible working. It can be found here.

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