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The MaternityTeacherPaternityTeacher Project
We have fully-funded places on each of the selected programme dates that are available for teachers in the North East Region as part of the Flexible Working Ambassador Schools Project with Carmel College. We offer flexible returns workshops to provide teachers with key legal information, models of what flexible working can look like and coaching and reflections questions. Providing you with the understanding of what you might need when returning to work as a new parent teacher.
MTPT Flexible Working Case Studies


MTPT Community Bloggers
Bloggers from The MTPT Project community who blog on their own platforms:

Arion Law – Father and Primary School teacher, blogging about his experiences of fatherhood.

Lucy Flower – Mother and Secondary Music Teacher, MTPT Project York Regional Representative blogging about her experiences of stepping in and out of leadership.

Kat Howard – Mother and Assistant Principal, MTPT Project East Midlands Representative blogging about her maternityCPD and balancing leadership and parenting.

Lucy Hemsley – Mother and Assistant Head Teacher, MTPT Project Gloucester Representative, blogging about her maternityCPD.

Nazmin Rahman – Mother and Assistant Head Teacher, blogging about her maternityCPD.