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Exam Guidance

  • All students sitting an exam must be on the tennis courts at 8:50 am and 12:50 pm.  This includes students who are completing exams in other rooms.
  • Students who have a PM exam can leave lesson 3 at 12:15 pm in order to get lunch.  Students who do not have PM exam to stay in lesson until 12:30 pm.
  • No hoodies can be worn for exams, ALL students must have full uniform, including school tie and blazer.  If students want to bring their hoodie they can wear it after exams.
  • Phones are not allowed in the exam hall – NO excuses.
  • Pens that ‘Click’ are not allowed.  All students must have black pens.  Clear pencil cases only.  Students must ensure they have correct equipment for Maths, science, technology etc.
  • Water bottles are allowed – labels must be removed.
  • Smart watches will result in automatic disqualification.  All students will have to remove watches at beginning of exams.  Be easier if students leave watches at home.
  • Highlighters can be used only to highlight key words in questions.  They cannot be used on the answer booklet.
  • No tippex or erasable ink.
  • All students must remain in exam hall (or other classroom) until the full allocation of time has passed.  Students are not allowed to leave the exam if they are finished.
  • Once exams have finished, students must remain in silence as papers are collected.  They must wait to be dismissed and leave the sports hall (or other rooms) in silence.


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