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Popular Revision Websites and Apps

http://www.learningscientists.org/downloadable-materials (http://www.learningscientists.org/downloadable-materials)
A website that offers different ways and techniques to help revision at home. It has downloadable resources and offers a step by step guide

Revision guides provide excellent support and are available at the library to purchase. Revision guides give detailed notes and many now provide practice exam questions for your to complete with available mark schemes. The librarian will assist you in getting the correct revision guide for your course and level.

Top 5 Revision apps

Gojimo - Boasts mostly free content and covers GCSE, A level, IB, iGCSE, Common Entrance and more
iMindMap and bubbl.us - Mindmaps, mobile mindmaps
Quizlet - Quizlet enables students to create their own revision flashcards, as well as to use sets created by others
Memrise - If learning languages and vocab is your focus, then Memrise is worth checking out
Get Revising - Create revision timetables using Get Revising’s Study Planner tool

Websites used in schools