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Code of Conduct


It is important that all of us remember that:

• We are an individual community that values the work and needs of every child.
• This means that we must be aware of our surroundings and help to keep them pleasant.
• Your behaviour must be reasonable in that it helps to provide security for all.
• This can only happen if we have mutual respect for others.
• Above all it is important that we help to provide an environment that encourages and supports your learning.

A few simple rules will help you to learn and help build a caring community.

• Attendance - start the day well. Registration is at 8:50am.
•If you are late, your minutes will be accumulated into a late detention with members of the Senior Leadership Team.

• If you are absent, you must provide your form tutor with a note from your parents / guardian on your return.
• If you have a medical / dental appointment, you must provide your form tutor with evidence of this and they will provide you with a pass to leave College at the appropriate time.
• No-one should leave the College premises during the College day without permission.
• Text books and exercise books must not be defaced. You must replace books damaged or lost through carelessness or neglect.
• All homework diaries must be signed by parents / guardian weekly.

• Mobile phones must be turned off during lesson times and should only by used outside building as a consideration to others. The college will not accept responsibility for loss, damage or theft of mobile phones.
• Students may carry bottle water and have access to it at all times.
• Chewing gum is not permitted in College.
• Tipp-ex is not permitted in College.
• Jewellery must not be worn. (One pair of studs in the ears may be worn). You are responsible for your own personal property, which should be named. Designated areas are available to safely store property during the lunch hour. College uniform must be worn at all times, including to and from College.
• A record of a child’s achievements is produced once per year and grade sheets are produced to inform parents of the results of formal tests.
• We hope to manifest a welcoming and caring approach to parents and therefore parents are encouraged to contact the College over any issue that concerns them.