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Independent Careers Advice

Careers Provision in Carmel College is provided by Youth Direction Careers+. Careers Adviser Joanna Tyrrell provides careers advice and guidance on all the available options to each young person. This includes all aspects of education, employment and training provision.

In Year 11 each student will be offered a 1:1 careers guidance interview where options are introduced, explored and discussed. This enables the young person to make an informed decision about their future. This may include:

• Action plan
Creating an action plan gives focus to the young person’s needs

• Job information
Up to date and accurate job information can help inform choices

• Applications
Help with colleges and other learning providers

• CVs
Help to create a personal tailored CV

• Apprenticeships
Support exploring and apply for apprenticeship opportunities

• Visits to colleges and other learning providers
• Exploring higher education

Exploring options through UCAS and support with A Level choices

Joanna also meets with students in Year 9 to support with option choices and Year 10 to start discussing post 16 options.

During 6th Form each student will receive a 1:1 careers guidance interview with Alastair to discuss their next steps into University, Apprenticeships or Employment.

As part of the schools careers programme, students have the opportunity to complete the ‘Buzz’ personality quiz. ‘The Buzz’ is a dynamic, interactive session which enables young people to identify and explore their personality types. Based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, this psychometric questionnaire can help young people to recognise and use the positive aspects of their personalities. The Buzz will also make young people aware of their natural inclinations and the skills they may need to adapt to be more successful in the workplace. Buzz can also be used on a one-to-one basis to help young people explore suitable job areas. Each young person will be given a detailed analysis of their particular personality type which will show how this can positively influence their career choices.

Throughout the school year Joanna also support parent’s evenings, 6th Form open evenings and information events where parents and carers will also have the opportunity to discuss their child’s future.