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Town Champions – It’s the Carmel Show Once Again!

Town Champions – It’s the Carmel Show Once Again!

Category : PE , Sport

After a fantastic day of athletics at the Darlington Schools’ Athletics Championship, at the Eastbourne Sports Complex, Carmel were crowned Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 champions. They picked up the boys’ and and girls’ championship trophy and won the George Clark cup for the overall championship by 134 points.

Town records were set by Alex Boyer (pictured) 4.49.0 secs (year 7 1500m), Connie Bleasby 20.15m (year 8 javelin), Nathaniel Bell 37.1 secs (year 9 300m), Sarah Wilcock 43.8 secs (year 10 300m) and Emma Burgess 29.47m (year 10 javelin).

The overall results were as follows:

1st Carmel 814pts
2nd Hummersknott 680pts
3rd Longfield 628pts
4th Polam 511pts
5th Wyvern 365pts
6th Education Village 339pts
7th Hurworth 334pts
8th St Aidans 299pts.